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Monday, November 11, 2013

Rohtang Pass by kullumanali

 Manali to Rohtang Pass :Himachal Pradesh

Manali is the gateway to Rohtang pass beyond which lie the twin valley of Lahaul and Spiti. In winter the mountain slopes are snow clad and they turn into perfect skiing slopes. This point is one of the main attraction for tourists coming to Manali.Rohtang Pass (3979 m) is 51kms. from Manali on highway to Keylong/Leh. It offers a panorama and spectacular mountain view. The pass is open from June to October each year although trekkers can cross it earlier. It is a gateway to Lahaul Spiti, Pangi and Leh valley just as Zojila pass is a gatway to Ladakh. There are a beautiful sight of glaciers, peaks and Chandra river flows down in the Lahaul valley. Slightly to the left are the twin peaks of the Geypan.

There are some  important places to see .....

Nehru Kund:

On the way to Rohtang pass Being a favorite place of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, this place is named as Nehru Kund. One can see pure water rushing out of rocks. As per the local belief, the water has some medicinal effect. This place is just 6-7 Kms from Manali.


This is supposed to be the first village on the banks of Beas river. The area is scenic and many hotels are available to have refreshments and enjoy the nature. Kothi is located at 15Kms from Manali on hill top with curved roads.


This place is considered as a picnic spot and starting point to Brighu lake trekking. The area is filled with beautiful flowers and very calm and pleasant. Gulaba is 20Kms from Manali.

Rahla Fall:

This water fall is from one of the branches of River Beas. The height of the water fall is nearly 50Mts. This fall is 27Kms from Manali.


This place is as famous as Rohtang pass. Fully covered with snow, all kind of water sports are available. Whenever Rohtang pass is closed due to bad weather conditions, tourist are allowed to visit upto this place. The place is surrounded by lush green meadows. All kind of restaurants (both indoor and outdoor) are available here.
Marhi is 35 Kms from Manali.

Rani Nala:

This is the glacier where snow is available for the entire year. Rani Nala is 40Kms from Manali.
The main attraction for tourist at Rohtang pass is snow and the scenic beauty of the area. The road is very narrow near the Rohtang pass and the parking of vehicles is very difficult and one has to be very alert while parking the vehicles because slight distraction may be hazardous.

Hidimba Devi Temple:

Hidimba Devi Temple is also known as Hadimba Temple. It is located on a deodar covered hill in Manali, some 3kms from the bus stop and few minutes walk from Old Manali. It is an ancient cave temple built in 1553 by Raja Bahadur Singh.

Apple Orchards in Manali

Almost every family in Old Manali owns an apple tree if not an orchard. Apples are integral part of their life. It came from years of perfecting the art of planting and nurturing it; a ritual if not traditional.

Solang Nala

Solang Nala is 14 km from Manali. It is a small valley at the base of the mountain before the majestic mountains take over on the North. There’s no end of the mountains from here. This gentle slope is just the right place for skiing during winter.
Old Manali: A place Where two worlds meet..

A bridge over gushing Manalsu River is a gateway to another world known as the Old Manali. The village has an exotic charm; not foreign, not entirely Indian. It is as if you have crossed into another country.

Marhi before Rohtang pass.

 It can be a 15 to 30 minutes walk depending on the traffic to reach the snow point from the parking area. The safest and the easiest way to reach the snow point is by horse ride but it is a bit costly ride, but elderly and the small children can comfortably use this service. The horse man charges around Indian Rupees 400 per trip ( both ways ) per horse. Marhi snow point before Rohtang passTourists plan their trip in early hours to reach Rohtang very early to avoid traffic and reach at the snow point, at the same time it is equally difficult to return as all vehicles way down as to be clear the road. So going early mean returning late from there. Some time this may not be a good options for families with kids to stay long time in cold conditions. So other option is to start late and take the help of horses ( or walk ) to reach the top.

All types of food stuff, coffee and drinks are available at Rohtang pass . The weather here is highly unpredictable . The shop owners have provided some temporary sheds for the benefit of tourists/visitors to take shelter in case of sudden change of weather.